before you ask, "wtf?"

I view makeup from the perspective of a painter. Whether a look is practical or not does not matter to me. What does matter is the skill or technique you learn from creating a look. I am not a professional, a guru, or whatever else. I am simply an art student exploring the world of makeup.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Continued

Okay so now that I'm well's what I got.

First, a lovely hello kitty blanket! You'll see this in the rest of the pictures :) so soft.

So next was a huge box filled with VS Pink undies! I once told my ex boyfriend that the best gift you could give a girl is underwear. It's true for me, at least. Anyway, this little stuffed dog came with the underwear and will have to satisfy your curiosity. Sorry, I just don't feel the need to post pictures of my underwear on here.

Call me crazy.

One of my favorite things this year to receive was this MAC Cool Capers pigment set. Honestly, I will probably be wearing these colors every day this week. For girls with pale skin, this combination of colors is ESSENTIAL! However, I could definitely see women of color wearing the hell out of these colors as well. It's a fun set that can look great on anyone

Ah...the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I am so thankful to receive this as a gift. Honestly, it is one of the best makeup books I've seen. It covers absolutely every facet of makeup from the very basics of application, to breaking into the business as an artist. I'm going to be learning a lot from reading this, hopefully. Anybody else read this yet? Let me know what you think!

Now this is a bag by Coach that I picked up awhile back. It was originally like....$250+? I honestly can't remember the exact price. But I got it for somewhere in the ballpark of $50! Amazing deal! The picture really doesn't do it much justice, as it is a really beautiful purse.

Harro Kittay!

Also known as "Hello Kitty". This is just something sweet that my mom picked up for me. I absolutely adore anything hello kitty, and this one has always caught my eye at the store. It is SO SOFT, guys!

On the topic of hello kitty, here is something very special that my mom picked up for me as well. The story behind this is sort of funny, actually.

I live near a CCO, and when this came in I just died. I hadhadhad to have it! It was $60 though, and my birthday was coming up so I showed it to my mom. Her reaction? She bought the only remaining one in our skintone for herself. Oh, I was pissed. You can absolutely believe I was pissed. My birthday came and went and still no hello kitty compact. Well, my mom must have stopped by again since my birthday and saw that they stocked more of these! She picked one up and the rest is history.

Lush, you say?
This is absolutely nothing compared to what I picked up today, lol. Did you know that Lush has killer after christmas sales? I stumbled in and walked out with $60 worth for $20. Anyway, back to the goodies. My brother actually picked these up for me :)
he got my the Gnome Name bubble bar and the Up You Gets emotibomb. I used the latter today and it was great!!

Here are some Coach earrings that my mom got for me. Ummm I don't know what else to say? They're just these really cute gold hoops with little inlaid c's. They look classic but somewhat edgy at the same time, which I find interesting.

Now this was my "big" present this year: a Tiffany key. I got the 2.5" oval key with the oval chain. I love it! It just looks so great with everything. I wore it today over a very plain grey long sleeved tee and it made my outfit much more interesting and pretty.

It's a spud gun....not much else to say.

And here's another present from my brother. Lol, the Family Guy star wars special. My family watched this last night and it was just hysterical! Family Guy seems to always get it right. :)

And that is basically it! Wanna see my huge Lush haul? That is coming!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009!

It's 2:07 Am right now...guys, I have a problem with staying up late.

But yeah, Christmas was technically yesterday! It was a lot of fun hanging around with my family and exchanging gifts. Oh wow, I just looked outside thinking that I saw snow!
I live in Georgia, there's no chance in hell it's snowing right now (get with the program woman!).
Here is what I wore as far as makeup goes. I used primarily the mac cool capers mini pigment set because it was a gift I received. For once, I involved glitter and it did not temporarily blind me! In fact, the glitter was a huge success and I got many compliments on it.

(how do you like the tp in the background? classy, right? lol I go through tissues so fast that I always keep a roll of tp around just in case my nose gets out of control)

Soooo on with the presents! I got a lot of neat things this year that I'm excited to share with y'all.


It's almost 2:30. I have GOT to get my ass to bed! I promise to post pictures of everything tomorrow, serious.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Club and Parfait Amour

I finally B2M'd some empties and picked up both Parfait Amour and Club shadows from MAC. I was thrilled, since I've been eyeing these shadows for quite some time.

Club is a satin finish, so it has a beautiful sheen without any sort of glittery shimmery weirdness. The amazing thing about this shadow is how unique the color's a warm brown when you swatch it, but depending on the lighting and what you pair it with you can bring out this wonderful green/teal color. I absolutely adore the way it looks over a black base, such as NYX's jumbo pencil in black bean. The resulting green shine reminds me of those japanese beetles and their highly reflective and colorful appearance.

The second shadow I purchased is Parfait Amour. Although this is a frost finish, it is not overly shiny or glittery. When swatched next to Club, you can see that the finish is quite similar. This is a very blue purple shade. For all you girls out there who are afraid of wearing blue shadows, try using something similar to Parfait Amour: the purple makes it more wearable than straight up blue. It also has a sort of pink pearly shine that comes out depending on the lighting. Like Club, it looks fantastic of a black base.

Here are some swatches of both of these shadows.
From left to right:
Parfait Amour over Black Bean, Club over Black Bean, Parfait Amour alone, Club alone.

I hope this encourages somebody to pick up one or both of these MAC shadows! They are both very unique and exciting to play with :)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Like the new look?

I do, for sure.

So I feel like complete crap today. Yeah, I'm bitching already. It's nothing serious like the flu or anything...but it's the kind of sick that turns you into a hermit and prevents you from even trying to look decent. To make it up to you (whoever happens to stumble upon this blog), let's take a look at the makeup I spent hours last night applying. This is for makeupgeek's weekly challenge, and this week happens to be all about Disney. You can visit or enter the challenge here.

Any ideas on what Disney character this makeup is inspired by?

I'll give you a hint... this character is not human, is made of pure awesome, and killed the main character's father.

One more hint: his picture is to the left.

Scar from the Lion King is the meanest, nastiest lion in all the kingdom. However, his chiseled features, silky black mane, and piercing eyes make for some serious makeup inspiration.

I think the reason this particular challenge is so popular is due to the stylized nature of Disney characters. It's hard NOT to be inspired by such exaggerated features! With that said, I would love to see more interpretations of Disney in makeup. The Disney look is classic in entertainment, so why not translate that into beauty? As a child, the Disney princesses were the definition of beauty (at least, I thought so). All we need are extreme eye lifts and plenty of makeup to achieve their look!

What Disney character would you take makeup advice from? Comment below and tell me what you think!