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I view makeup from the perspective of a painter. Whether a look is practical or not does not matter to me. What does matter is the skill or technique you learn from creating a look. I am not a professional, a guru, or whatever else. I am simply an art student exploring the world of makeup.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Like the new look?

I do, for sure.

So I feel like complete crap today. Yeah, I'm bitching already. It's nothing serious like the flu or anything...but it's the kind of sick that turns you into a hermit and prevents you from even trying to look decent. To make it up to you (whoever happens to stumble upon this blog), let's take a look at the makeup I spent hours last night applying. This is for makeupgeek's weekly challenge, and this week happens to be all about Disney. You can visit or enter the challenge here.

Any ideas on what Disney character this makeup is inspired by?

I'll give you a hint... this character is not human, is made of pure awesome, and killed the main character's father.

One more hint: his picture is to the left.

Scar from the Lion King is the meanest, nastiest lion in all the kingdom. However, his chiseled features, silky black mane, and piercing eyes make for some serious makeup inspiration.

I think the reason this particular challenge is so popular is due to the stylized nature of Disney characters. It's hard NOT to be inspired by such exaggerated features! With that said, I would love to see more interpretations of Disney in makeup. The Disney look is classic in entertainment, so why not translate that into beauty? As a child, the Disney princesses were the definition of beauty (at least, I thought so). All we need are extreme eye lifts and plenty of makeup to achieve their look!

What Disney character would you take makeup advice from? Comment below and tell me what you think!



  1. this is very cool! What an inspiration. =) nice job

  2. This is seriously awesome. I'm going to be Scar for Halloween this year and I'm really inspired by your work. I love make up. Glad I found your blog! Can you tell me what kind of brush you used for the lines? I was thinking a MAC eye-liner brush? And tape? Help! <3